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The inaugural European Football Championship, or UEFA European Nations Cup as it was called, utilized a knockout format that culminated in four nations qualifying for a final tournament that was hosted by France. The Soviet Union, featuring such greats as Valentin Ivanov, Igor Netto, and the legendary goalkeeper Lev Yashin, ended up lifting the trophy. England declined to enter the competition, as did Italy and West-Germany.
Soviet Union Soviet Union
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

3rd place play-off
Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia
France France

Czechoslow. Czechoslowakia 0-3 Soviet Union Soviet Union France France 4-5 Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

(Not part of the final tournament)
Romania Romania
- Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia
0-2 0-3 (0-5)
Portugal Portugal
- Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
2-1 1-5 (3-6)
France France
- Austria Austria
5-2 4-2 (9-4)
Soviet Union Soviet Union
- Spain Spain [1]
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#01: Spain refused to travel to the Soviet Union and had to withdraw from the tournament

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