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- World Cup 1934 -

The 1938 FIFA Football World Championship was held in Italy. An odious victory for the hosts came in for heavy criticism. In their quarter-final encounter with Spain, and the semi-final against the Austrian Wunderteam (featuring the great Matthias Sindelar) especially, the Italians were the beneficiaries of some very questionable refereeing. If that wasn't enough, they fielded a number of South-Americans that some people thought should have been ineligible to play.
Italy Italy
Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia

3rd place play-off
Austria Austria
Germany Germany

Italy Italy 1-0 Austria Austria Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia 3-1 Germany Germany

Italy Italy 1-1 Republic of Spain Spain Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia 3-2 Switzerland Switzerland
(Replay: 1-0)
Hungary Hungary 1-2 Austria Austria Sweden Sweden 1-2 Germany Germany

First Round
Italy Italy 7-1 USA USA Czechoslowakia Czechoslowakia 2-1 Romania Romania
Brazil Brazil 1-3 Republic of Spain Spain Holland the Netherlands 2-3 Switzerland Switzerland
Hungary Hungary 4-2 Egypt Egypt Argentina Argentina 2-3 Sweden Sweden
Austria Austria 3-2 France France Germany Germany 5-2 Denmark Belgium

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