Pelé as a goalkeeper

When you’ve famously scored more than a thousand goals and have gone down in history as one of the best players ever (if not in fact the best one), you can hardly be said to have missed your calling. Still, if the pictures below of a seventeen year old Pelé in action as a goalkeeper are anything to go by, it would seem a decent goalkeeper might have been lost in the legendary Brazilian striker. Because that seems like an excellent save he pulls of in the face of two onstorming attackers.

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In Pictures - Hughes and Rush beat Spain

Making it to the last four of the 2016 European Championship surely surpassed the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic of Wales fans and players. After all, for decades even qualifying for a major tournament had proved a pipe dream for generations of Welsh internationals. For all the European trophies players like Mike England, John Toshack and Ryan Giggs won with their clubs, they never played a World Cup or European Championship with their country.

Neither did Ian Rush and and Mark Hughes, even though they formed an impressive front two in the mid eighties that would have easily walked into the line up of much bigger countries. They complimented each other perfectly: Hughes was a powerful target man who fought for every ball, while Rush was a clinical finisher. The highlight of their partnerschip was a 3-0 home defeat of Spain in 1985 in a qualifier for the 1986 World Cup. Rush scored two goals against the Spaniards, who had made it to the final of the European Championship the year before, while Hughes scored one. It was a legendary night for Welsh football, but not enough to make it to Mexico: Wales would be eliminated from the qualifying proces on goal difference.