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This part of the site contains a who’s who of football history. A collection of short profiles of legendary players, managers and officials. On this page you'll find people whose last name starts with the letter F.

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Giacinto Facchetti
Tom Finney
Just Fontaine
Enzo Francescoli
Trevor Francis
Arthur Friedenreich

Football Who is Who...

Giacinto Facchetti (Player 1960-1978)
Giacinto Facchetti Defender - His speed and stamina, which allowed him to make surging runs forward during counter-attacks, made Giacinto Facchetti a key player in the catenaccio system that brought Inter Milan success in the 1960's. He won the European Cup with Inter twice and the European Championship with Italy in 1968.
Clubs: Inter Milan
Born: July 18, 1942 (Treviglio, Italy)
Caps: 94 (3 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Tom Finney (Player 1946-1960)
Tom Finney Forward - Thomas Finney was a versatile forward who packed an explosive shot in both legs. He could comfortably play in any of the five forward positions. Finney was voted English Footballer of the Year in 1954 and 1957, but opting to spend his entire career with Preston North End, he never won any silverware.
Clubs: Preston North End
Born: April 5, 1922 (Preston, England)
Caps: 76 (30 goals)
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Just Fontaine (Player 1953-1962)
Just Fontaine Forward - Frenchman Just Fontaine was a prolific striker, who helped his club Stade de Reims reach the 1960 European Cup final by scoring 10 goals, but it was the 13 goals he scored during the 1958 World Cup that have earned him his place in history. A record that is increasingly unlikely ever to be broken.
Clubs: US Casablanca, Nice, Stade de Reims
Born: August 18, 1933 (Marrakech, Morocco)
Caps: 20 (27 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Enzo Francescoli (Player 1980-1997)
Enzo Francescoli Midfielder - Enzo Francescoli was the star of the Uruguayan national football team that won the Copa América in 1983 and 1987. A gifted play maker, Francescoli was also just about the only member of that hard-as-nails team who did not seem primarily driven by the urge to kick his opponent off the field.
Clubs: Montevideo Wanderers, River Plate, RC de Paris, Cagliari, Torino, a.o.
Born: November 12, 1961 (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Caps: 72 (15 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Trevor Francis (Player 1970-1994)
Trevor Francis Forward - Transferring to Nottingham Forest after impressing at Birmingham City, Trevor Francis was the first British player signed for a million pound. Although Francis never quite lived up to his record fee, he did score the winner in the 1979 European Cup final for Forest. He later played in Italy and Scotland.
Clubs: Birmingham City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, Sampdoria, a.o.
Born: April 19, 1954 (Plymouth, England)
Caps: 52 (12 goals)
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Arthur Friedenreich (Player 1909-1935)
Arthur Friedenreich Forward - Arthur Friedenreich was a member of the first ever Brazilian national team in 1914, and helped his country win the Copa America in 1919 and 1922. Legend has it that Friedenreich was the first player to master bending the ball, and that he scored more than 1200 goals during his 26 year long career.
Clubs: SC Germania, Atlético Ypiranga, Atlético Paulistano, Flamengo, a.o.
Born: July 18, 1892 (São Paulo, Brazil)
Caps: 22 (10 goals)
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