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This part of the site contains a who’s who of football history. A collection of short profiles of great players, famous managers and legendary officials. On this page you'll find people whose last name starts with the letter O.

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Ernst Ocwirk
Jesper Olsen
Raimundo Orsi
Peter Osgood
Wolfgang Overath

Football Who is Who...

Ernst Ocwirk (Player 1945-1962)
Ernst Ocwirk Midfielder - Ernst Ocwirk captained an Austria featuring greats such as Hannapi and Happel to third place at the 1954 World Cup. The man from Austria Vienna and later Sampdoria was known for his refined passing. As a manager Ocwirk coached teams such as Austria Vienna, Sampdoria, and 1. FC Köln.
Clubs: Austria Vienna, Sampdoria
Born: March 7, 1927 (Vienna, Austria)
Caps: 62 (6 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Jesper Olsen (Player 1977-1992)
Jesper Olsen Forward - In the early eighties Jesper Olsen earned a reputation as a dangerous winger with his relentless dribbling. In 1984 the left-footer joined Manchester United, but although he was a part of their 1985 FA Cup winning team, the frail Olsen had problems adapting to the physicality of the English game.
Clubs: Naestved IF, Ajax, Manchester United, Girondins Bordeaux, Caen, a.o.
Born: March 20, 1961 (Fakse, Denmark)
Caps: 43 (5 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Raimundo Orsi (Player 1920-1942)
Raimundo Orsi Forward - Raimundo Orsi won Olympic silver with Argentina in 1928. The following year the left-footed winger switched from Independiente to Juventus and was promptly coaxed into playing for Italy by the Italian FA. Thus the highlight of Orsi's career came in 1934 when he won the World Cup with Italy.
Clubs: Independiente, Juventus, Boca Juniors, Platense, Almagro, a.o.
Born: December 2, 1901 (Avellaneda, Argentina)
Caps: 48 (16 goals) [1]
Full Profile: ---

Peter Osgood (Player 1964-1979)
Peter Osgood Forward - Peter Osgood was the star of Chelsea's 1970 FA Cup and 1971 European Cup Winners Cup winning team. Osgood was considered one of the best strikers of his generation but his playboy lifestyle wasn't appreciated by Alf Ramsey, and so the legendary King of Stamford Bridge collected only four caps.
Clubs: Chelsea, Southampton, Norwich City, Philadelphia Fury
Born: February 20, 1947 (Windsor, England)
Caps: 4 (0 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Wolfgang Overath (Player 1963-1977)
Wolfgang Overath Midfielder - Winning the World Cup in 1974 was a case of third time lucky for Wolfgang Overath, after having finished second and third with West Germany in the two previous editions. With 1. FC Köln the left-footer, known for his accurate passing, won the Bundesliga in 1964 and the German Cup in 1968.
Clubs: 1. FC Köln
Born: September 29, 1943 (Siegburg, Germany)
Caps: 81 (17 goals)
Full Profile: ---

#01: Orsi earned 13 caps for Argentina (3 goals) and 35 for Italy (13 goals)

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