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This part of the site contains a who’s who of football history. A collection of short profiles of great players, famous managers and legendary officials. On this page you'll find people whose last name starts with the letters T or U.

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Marco Tardelli
Giovanni Trapattoni
Bert Trautmann
Joseph Ujlaki
Javier Urruticoechea

Football Who is Who...

Marco Tardelli (Player 1972-1988)
Marco Tardelli Midfielder - In the ten years Marco Tardelli played for Juventus he won just about everything a footballer can win, including all three European Cup competitions. But the highlight of the industrious and dynamic midfielder's career came when he won the World Cup with Italy in 1982, scoring a goal in the final.
Clubs: Pisa, Como, Juventus, Inter Milan, St. Gallen
Born: September 24, 1954 (Careggine, Italy)
Caps: 81 (6 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Giovanni Trapattoni (Player 1959-1972)
Giovanni Trapattoni Defender - With two European Cups and an Intercontinental Cup to his name, the silverware that Giovanni Trapattoni collected as a player is nothing to be bashful about. All the more impressive then, that the trophies the AC Milan man went on to win as a manager utterly dwarf what he won as a player.
Clubs: AC Milan, AS Varese
Born: March 17, 1939 (Milan, Italy)
Caps: 17 (1 goal)
Full Profile: ---

Bert Trautmann (Player 1949-1964)
Bert Trautmann Goalkeeper - Bernd Trautmann came to England as a prisoner of war, but ended up as a celebrated goalkeeper with more than 500 appearances for Manchester City to his name. The best year of his career came in 1956, when Bert won the FA Cup with Manchester City and was voted FWA Footballer of the Year.
Clubs: St Helens Town, Manchester City
Born: October 22, 1923 (Bremen, Germany)
Caps: 0 (0 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Joseph Ujlaki (Player 1947-1967)
Joseph Ujlaki Forward - Hungarian youth international Joseph Ujlaki defected in 1947 to turn professional in France. He was a superb dribbler of the ball, but frequently drove those around him to despair with his wilful behaviour on and off the pitch. Ujlaki won the league with Nice in 1956, and collected 21 caps for France.
Clubs: Stade Français, Nîmes Olympique, Nice, Racing Club de Paris, a.o.
Born: August 10, 1929 (Budapest, Hungary)
Caps: 21 (10 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Javier Urruticoechea (Player 1973-1987)
Javier Urruticoechea Goalkeeper - Javier Urruticoechea was a regular in goal for FC Barcelona in the mid 1980's. His shot at eternal glory came in 1986. With Barca still never having won the European Cup, the final of the '86 edition ended in penalties. Urruti held two, but to his horror his teammates succeeded in squandering all theirs.
Clubs: Real Sociedad, Español, FC Barcelona
Born: November 15, 1952 (San Sebastián, Spain)
Caps: 5 (0 goals)
Full Profile: ---

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