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This part of the site contains a who’s who of football history. A collection of short profiles of great players, famous managers and legendary officials. On this page you'll find people whose last name starts with the letter W.

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Chris Waddle
Fritz Walter
George Weah
Jan Wouters
Billy Wright

Football Who is Who...

Chris Waddle (Player 1980-2002)
Chris Waddle Forward - Chris Waddle reached the semi-final of the World Cup with England in 1990, but the dream of a place in the final turned sour when the flamboyant winger botched up his effort in the penalty shoot out that decided the game. Waddle won the French league title with Olympique Marseille three times.
Clubs: Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Olympique Marseille, a.o.
Born: December 14, 1960 (Heworth, England)
Caps: 62 (6 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Fritz Walter (Player 1937-1959)
Fritz Walter Forward - Fritz Walter won the German league title with 1.FC Kaiserslautern in 1951 and 1953. But the highlight of his career came in the form of the Miracle of Bern, when a West-Germany captained by Walter defeated a Hungary widely considered to be unbeatable in the final of the 1954 World Cup.
Clubs: 1. FC Kaiserslautern
Born: October 31, 1920 (Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Caps: 61 (33 goals)
Full Profile: ---

George Weah (Player 1986-2003)
George Weah Forward - George Weah was famed for his pace, dribbling skills and physical strength. In 1995 he was voted European Footballer of the Year, after France Football opted to make every player active in a UEFA country eligible for the prestigious award. Many people consider Weah the best African player of all time.
Clubs: AS Monaco, Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Chelsea, a.o.
Born: October 1, 1966 (Monrovia, Liberia)
Caps: 60 (22 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Jan Wouters (Player 1980-1996)
Jan Wouters Midfielder - Jan Wouters was a defensive midfielder who was more than happy to do the dirty work in midfield that allowed more gifted teammates to shine. With his relentless tackling the often underestimated Wouters played a significant part in the Dutch national team winning the 1988 European Championship.
Clubs: FC Utrecht, Ajax, Bayern Munich, PSV Eindhoven
Born: July 17, 1960 (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Caps: 70 (4 goals)
Full Profile: ---

Billy Wright (Player 1939-1959)
Billy Wright Defender - Billy Wright led Wolverhampton Wanderers to league titles in 1954, '58 and '59, and to the FA-Cup in 1949. Known for his sportsmanship, he captained England for more than ten years. Sadly, it was a decade in which England found out that assuming you're the best, doesn't mean you are the best.
Clubs: Wolverhampton Wanderers
Born: February 6, 1924 (Ironbridge, England)
Caps: 105 (3 goals)
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